Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bill C-32 May Hurt Us All

I am a storyteller and a writer,
Most Canadian writers earn very modest incomes. Some writers try and get by on less than minimum wage.  Some people say that's our choice. And it is. But creating is our calling, our vocation.
Just like anyone else, creators need income to survive. Our incomes depend not just on sales. We also depend on income we receive when universities, colleges, schools, corporations and governments make copies of my works for their own use, instead of buying more copies of the original.
Copyright exists to protect creators.  When others use our works, copyright law should ensure the people who worked so hard to produce them are compensated.  
Check out the following URL   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qrcNksj5DE 

Please ensure the voices of Canada's creators and publishers are heard.
Please work with your colleagues to see that C-32 is amended so that without hardship to consumers, creators suffer no hardship either.

Legislative Committee Members
·         Gordon Brown, Chair, brown.g@parl.gc.ca
·         Charlie Angus  angus.c@parl.gc.ca   
·         Pablo Rodriguez rodrigues.p@parl.gc.ca
·         Mike Lake  lake.m@parl.gc.ca
·         Dan McTeague  mcteague.d@parl.gc.ca
·         Serge Cardin, cardin.s@parl.gc.ca 
·         Ed Faste, faste@parl.gc.ca
·         Sylvie Boucher, boucher.s@parl.gc.ca 
·         Dean Del Mastro  delmastro.d@parl.gc.ca
·         Peter Braid, braid.p@parl.gc.ca
·         Carole LavallĂ©e lavallee.c@parl.gc.ca
·         Marc Garneau garneau.m@parl.gc.ca

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